Located on 21 acres, Windy Oak Farm is owned and operated by husband and wife, Steven Bright and Rebekah Lusk.

Windy Oak Farm is a dream come true to Rebekah and Steve. Rebekah has been riding since she was 7 years old and has wanted a farm for as long as she can remember. Steve grew up wanting to ride and was finally able to start riding in his late 20’s.

Rebekah and Steve met in 2006 at a boarding facility in Prince George’s County. A few months after meeting, Steve and Rebekah were engaged and were married in 2007.  They both knew early in their relationship that they wanted to purchase their own farm and searched for over a year to find the perfect home for themselves and their horses, which they found at Windy Oak Farm.

The moment Rebekah and Steve saw the farm, they fell in love and new instantly it was the perfect.

Windy Oak is set on 21 rolling acres in the gorgeous foothills of Frederick County. The farm centers around a beautiful stone farmhouse built in 1842 that has extraordinary character and charm. The house will provide years of work for Steve, who is a carpenter by trade and loves restoring old homes.

And then there were the horse facilities! First, Windy Oak has an indoor with mirrors! While Steve was most concerned about having a house with charm, Rebekah dreamed about one day being able to build an indoor at their farm. To find a farm with an indoor was too perfect! But not only was there an indoor, but also a regulation size dressage outdoor, exercise track, double fenced fields, an updated barn and lots of room to expand. Rebekah and Steve found at Windy Oak everything they had wanted in a farm.

Previously the farm had been owned by a Grand Prix dressage rider, an Arabian breeder, and a Thoroughbred racer. They each had contributed individual aspects to the farm, which now made it perfect for Rebekah and Steve.

Windy Oak started accepting boarders in October of 2010, a few months after Rebekah and Steve moved-in, and the number of horses is steadily growing. They have lots of plans for improvements and expansions for the horse facilities and eventually their house.

The mission of Windy Oak Farm is to provide high quality care and training for your horse in a laid-back, low-stress environment for you and your horse.



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