Meet Steve

Windy Oak Farm would not function without Steve and his many skills. Steve is a carpenter by trade and started developing his carpentry skills as a young boy. Steve’s grandfather, Anath Bright, was a builder and real estate broker in College Park, MD and sparked Steve’s interest in carpentry, building and renovations.

Prior to purchasing Windy Oak, Steve was a home improvement contractor full time. Steve and Rebekah founded Bright Lusk Construction, LLC in 2006 and Bright Lusk Properties, LLC in 2008. Since purchasing the farm, the majority of Steve’s time is dedicated to caring for the horses, maintaining the farm and doing all the improvements around the farm.

Steve, however, is not just a horse husband, but is also an avid rider himself. While Steve always wanted to ride when he was younger, he didn’t start riding until his early thirties. Steve first bought an off the track Standardbred, who he tried to train to do eventing. However, she could never canter and he finally found her a new home and purchased Clairance. In 2010, Steve started riding Laurel, a dressage master who is trained through third level. Soon after purchasing the farm, Laurel moved here for Steve to ride and train. Steve is excellent with the horses and is consistently working on the ground manners of not only our horses, but all the horses boarded at the farm.Steve is highly dedicated to improving his horseman skills, both on and off the horse.

When not working on the farm or riding Steve enjoys sailing, flying, camping, and hiking with our two dogs, Stella and Cooper and spending time with Rebekah and Mirabelle.





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