Windy Oak Farm offers full service stall boarding, which includes:

  • 12×12 box stalls, cleaned daily with shavings for bedding
  • Rubber mats in stalls, aisle and wash stall
  • Feeding 2x per day
  • Nightly check of horses
  • Feeding of Supplements and Medications
  • Salt blocks in Stalls
  • Daily fresh water, with heated water buckets in winter
  • Plenty of High Quality Hay
  • Daily turn-out – out during day in winter and night in summer
  • Hand-walked to turn-out
  • Small group turn-out of 2 to 5 horses
  • Administering of worming paste
  • Blanketing during winter months
  • Fans during summer
  • Daily monitoring of horse’s health and wellness
  • Administering of drugs under veterinarian’s orders
  • And use of all facilities

Windy Oak Farm’s Personalized Feeding Program

Windy Oak Farm is proud to feed Nutrena Feed and offers a specialized feeding program for each individual horse. As a boarding facility with a smaller number of horses, we customize each horses feeding program based on the individual nutritional needs of the horse. We know that one type of feed does not work for all horses, so we work closely with the Nutrena rep and the owner to determine which Nutrena feed will work best for the horse, based on the horse’s nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, work level, and body weight thereby ensuring we are creating a holistic feeding program. Horses are fed three times a day and all their feed is weighed, to ensure they are consistently receiving the exact same amount of feed.

We also feed high quality hay, usually Orchard Grass. However, with horses that need a different quality or type of hay, we provide hay that meets the dietary requirements of the horse.

Windy Oak is a small private farm allowing us to provide individualized care to each horse and owner. We have the amenities of a large facility, without the traffic. Horses at our farm are handled and cared for daily by us, the barn owners, not a paid staff. We take great pride in knowing each horse, its personality, and its needs. 

Current Board Rate:

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