Katherine Mashbir and deHavilland win 1st Place at CDCTA Morven Park Show

Katherine Mashbir of KLM Dressage, based at Windy Oak Farm, had a super weekend at the CDCTA Morven Park Dressage Show. Dehavilland, ridden and owned by Katherine placed 1st and 2nd in Second Level Test 1, and 4th in First level Test 3. This was deHavilland’s first show!

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KLM Dressage Blog

FEI Dressage Trainer, Katherine Mashbir, has moved to Windy Oak Farm and has posted updates on her blog..check it out!


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Windy Oak Welcomes Katherine Mashbir of KLM Dressage

Windy Oak is excited to welcome Katherine Mashbir, of KLM Dressage, to our farm. Katherine and her two beautiful Hanoverians, Dafoe and de Havilland moved to the farm this past week. Katherine is a Grand Prix dressage rider with her USDF Bronze, Silver Medal, and Gold Medals. Katherine moved from California to Maryland about a year and half ago. We are thrilled that she has decided to make Windy Oak her new “farm home”.

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Windy Oak Farm Now Feeding Nutrena Feed

Windy Oak Farm has made the switch to feeding Nutrena Feed. We decided to switch to Nutrena because of the high quality and consistency of the feed. We also greatly enjoy working with their rep, Bonnie Miranda. Bonnie gave all the boarders an introduction to Nutrena Feed, held at the Farm on December 19, 2011 and then worked with us to develop a customized feeding program for each horse. We are now feeding five different kinds of Nutrena Feed, based on the specific needs of the horse.

Bonnie checks in with us regularly, to make sure all the horses are doing well in terms of body condition and nutritional levels and we adjust the amount of feed as needed. We are very excited about this new partnership with Nutrena and the benefits it will bring to all our horses on the farm.

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Pictures from PVDA Chapter Challenge Posted on Facebook

The photos from the Chapter Challenge are now posted on Facebook. The PVDA Chapter Challenge was November 6, 2011 at the Prince George’s Equestrian Center. Boarder Josh Collier rode his horse Hot Rod. Trainer, Katie Straton, rode Turkish Dancer (aka Clairance) owned by Steven Bright and Rebekah Lusk, Steven Bright rode Laural, owned by Cheryl Swing, and Rebekah Lusk rode her horse, Hera. Here are a few of the photos that were posted.

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Auction to Benefit Lesley Long

The auction to benefit Lesley Long and her Family is now on-line at http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/2799/auctions/3132.

Auction ID: LesleyLongBenefit.
Password: LKSporthorses

The auction closes February 15th at 11pm.

Lesley Long Auction Flyer

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A Celebration of Life for Lesley Long

A Celebration of Life for Lesley Long will be January 14, 2012 from 1 to 8pm at ThorpeWood Lodge. Please RSVP via Facebook.

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A Tribute To Lesley Long

A wonderful tribute to Lesley Long was published in Eventing Nation.



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Lesley’s Horses Have Moved

Windy Oak Farm wants to thank everyone who volunteered their time and energy to help us care for Lesley’s horses and ride them over the past few weeks. We want to specially thank Janet Collier, who kept everyone organized and made sure there was always someone available to take care of the barn and spent countless hours here herself.

Lesley’s horses moved last Saturday and are now located with two of Lesley’s friends who are trainers, while they are being marketed for sale. Marti is with Natalie Hollis at Bascule Farm and Kudos and Bugatti are with Kerry Blackmer at Miles Ahead Farm. Please contact them directly if you know anyone who is interested in the horses.

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Celebration of Lesley Long’s Life

The Long family is currently working on planning a celebration of Lesley Long’s life, which will be held in January. Lesley was very clear with her family during her life, that if anything ever happened to her she wanted a celebration of her life, not a mourning of her death. Her family is now fulfilling those wishes. Details will follow.

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